Episode 310: Regius of London Robusto


DESCRIPTION: This week’s featured cigar commemorates Gaius Petronius Arbiter’s quest for the sublime; the alchemy of cultivating and blending the finest aged tobaccos to achieve a crescendo of elegance. The brand is Regius, which is Latin for King, and the good folks at Regius of London want to bring you a regal smoking experience.

Regius of London box photos

The cigars are made by Nestor Placensia in his factory in Estelí, Nicaragua. The blend includes Nicaraguan filler and binder, and a drop-dead-gorgeous Nicaraguan Habano Rosado wrapper. The company employs sleek packaging to accent the overall good looks of these sticks, but the proof of a great cigar is what is under the hood and we will be finding out about all that today.

The Regius, Nicaraguan puro comes in 4 sizes: a classic Churchill at 7 x 47 ring gauge called the Grandido, a sleek Corona Especial weighing in at 6-inches and 38 ring named the Lord Madsen, a traditional Corona at 5 1/8 by 42 and the cigar I’m featuring today, the 4 7/8 inch by 50 ring gauge, Robusto.

SPECIAL INTERVIEW: Bradley Bowman of Regius Cigars
I met Bradley while in Honduras recently and our interview will start off with a bit about our mutual trip to Camp Camacho. We will also explore Regius cigars and give you a good primer on the brand and the cigars in the lineup.

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Trinidad Fundadores

DOC’S CIGAR POSTSCRIPT: Trinidad Fundadores
This week’s postscript review is on the Trinidad Fundadores, which I featured in Episode 250 on Sunday, December 5, 2010. These cigars have been waiting their turn in my humidor for a total of 2 years, 0.3 months and I took out a couple of samples this past week to see how they are faring with the extra age.

Regius of London
Crush & Roll West
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Episode 309: Camp Camacho Tour 2012


DESCRIPTION: This past week I returned to the scene of the crime and to the farms and factories of Camacho after celebrating my first trip in early 2007. Along with 15 other cigar sojourners, I toured the tobacco farms where Julio Eiroa still oversees the cultivation of his famous “Authentic Corojo” tobacco.

Doc in the Corojo Fields

We toured the curing and fermentation facilities, the box factory and the rolling gallery where such cigar brands as Camacho, Baccarat, La Fontana, and Room 101 are made. We witnessed the entire process, from seed to smoke, all in the tropical environs of Danlí, Honduras.

This type of expedition is a dream come true for any cigar lover and the chance to smoke cigars at the epicenter of Honduran tobacco operations has no equal.

In the Camacho rolling gallery

This week’s episode will feature discussions about the changes taking place at Camacho and will include a look into their current operations. I will also be smoking a couple of special stogies and telling you all about it.

Special guest: Tim Wing.

• The La Aurora 107 is getting a line extension, albeit in a limited edition. The La Aurora 107 Salomon will be 7.25 x 52.
• La Palina El Diario is also coming out with a new size. The El Diario KB is a line extension and weighs in at 4.25 x 40. I will be featuring the La Palina El Diario on this podcast in the coming weeks.
• I posted a new video on the Stogie Fresh Tv video channel on YouTube titled: Cedar Spills.

La Aurora 107 Lancero

DOC’S CIGAR POSTSCRIPT: La Aurora 107 Serie Lancero
This week’s postscript review will showcase the La Aurora 107 Lancero. I first featured this cigar in Episode 248 on Sunday, November 21, 2010. These sticks have been waiting patiently in my humidor for 1 year, 6 months and I pulled out a couple this past week to see how the extra age was affecting the smoking characteristics.

Camacho Cigars
Video: Cedar Spills
Article: Why are Cuban Cigars so Expensive? Part 2
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Episode 308: Wicked Indie


DESCRIPTION: The Wicked Indie is a medium to full-bodied Nicaraguan puro that has been blended to provide an exceptional combination of flavor and strength.

A cup of wicked: Wicked IndieAccording to Gary Hyams, President and CEO of Beach Cigar Group, “We are very excited about the new Wicked Indie, which is a fantastic blend at a great price point. We are proud that this is the first cigar release under the East India Trading Company.”

This cigar has been blended for a rich and complex taste profile without breaking the bank. With a MSRP ranging from $4.79-5.90, the Wicked Indie comes at a wickedly nice price.

The blend for the Wicked Indie is comprised of a Nicaraguan Habano wrapper, a carefully selected Nicaraguan binder and Nicaraguan filler tobaccos that have been aged for 3-years.

The cigars are housed in rustic 50-count wooden boxes and are available in 4 sizes: a 5 x 52 Robusto, a 7 x 50 Churchill a 6 x 60 XO and the cigar I’m featuring today, a 6 x 54 Toro.

Wicked Indie by Gurkha

The Beach Cigar Group/Gurkha was founded in 1989 by Kaizad Hansotia and has been long noted as a luxury brand of cigars with extraordinary and premium blends of tobacco. Gurkha is especially well known for limited release and rare tobacco products with artistically oriented packaging.

Wicked Indie and Soutside cocktailFEATURED LIBATION: Southside from Sun Liquor
The Southside is the signature drink at Sun Liquor in Seattle, WA.
As featured on Drinking Made Easy
Simple Syrup
Lemon Juice
Ginger Beer

Directions: First crush some ice. Then put mint and simple syrup into a pint glass. Lightly muddle but not enough to “pulverize it”. Then pour in your gin (fill to a little less than half the glass). Then add some lemon juice and your crushed ice. Top off with some ginger beer. Garnish with a lemon wheel.

• Crush & Roll West 2012 will be held on September 14, 15, 2012 in Paso Robles, CA.
• A recap of my son’s wedding in Washington.
• Shout out to Paul and friends from Lyndon, WA.
• Doc’s error on geography of Cuba
• NO PODCAST NEXT WEEK: Doc will be at Camp Camacho in Honduras

DOC’S CIGAR POSTSCRIPT: H. Upmann (Cuba) 2009 Edición Limitada
I first featured this cigar on the Stogie Fresh 5 podcast in Episode 247 on Sunday, November 14, 2010. These cigars have been resting in my humidor for 1 year, 7.8 months, but their box date of August 2009 tells me that they are much closer to 3 years of age. So, I pulled out a couple more this past week to give you an update on how these stogies have responded to an extra year of aging.

Gurkha Wicked Indie
Southside from Sun Liquor
Crush & Roll West 2012
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