Episode 322 Avo 2012 Limited Edition La Trompeta


DESCRIPTION: The new AVO Limited Edition 2012 ‘La Trompeta’ is a dedication to Jazz musician and aficionado, Avo Uvezian, on his 86th birthday. Decades of Avo’s work and passion are united in every single cigar. Also on display is the storied tradition and established knowledge of the tobacco master, Hendrik Kelner.

La Trompeta box

This special vintage is purported to be a medium to full-bodied cigar with complex notes in the aftertaste. The beautiful, slightly oily Ecuadorian Sun Grown wrapper “Seleccion 702” is the same wrapper that graces one of my favorite all-time cigars, the Davidoff 2009 Limited Edition 702 Selection.

The La Trompeta comes in a dark brown lacquered box with rounded edges is covered with a stylish black silhouette of a musician with his trumpet.

La Trompeta is presented in a majestic cigar format, which includes the addition of a special feature to pay homage to the jazz trumpet: three small circular cigar leaf cut-outs are placed on the wrapper leaf to resemble “trumpet valves.”

Avo 2012 Limited Edition La Trompeta

Limited to just 100,000 cigars worldwide and 50,000 cigars for the US market, La Trompeta comes with a retail price of $15.50 per stick. This week’s feature cigar is the 6.5-inch by 54 ring gauge Pyramid.

FEATURED LIBATION: Laphroaig 18-year Single Malt Scotch
Laphroaig is one of my favorite scotches. It is from the Islay region in Scotland. The Laphroaig distillery has been an integral part of Islay’s community for nearly 200 years.

In past episodes I have featured the 10-year cask strength and the Quarter Cask, both of which are just lovely scotches, which will give you a snout-full of peaty goodness and a complex and layered feel on the palate. This week’s featured Laphroaig is an 18 year old scotch that is made in limited quantities each year. Bottled at 48% ABV and non-chill filtered for a depth of taste and texture.

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Master by Carlos Torano

DOC’S CIGAR POSTSCRIPT: Master by Carlos Toraño
I first featured the Master by Carlos Torano in Episode 259 on Sunday, February 13, 2011. These cigars have spent 1 year, 5.5 months in my humidor and I pulled out my last two samples this past week for the postscript review.

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Laphroaig Scotch
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Episode 321: Bellaterra Black & Tan


DESCRIPTION: Pairing cigars with wine isn’t as easy as it may seem. Wines are complex, living products that sport a range of styles, as well as body, flavor and strength profiles. Cigars are very similar in their complexity and broad ranges of styles, and flavors.

Mike Murphy, Bellaterra Ranch

Mike Murphy, Bellaterra Ranch

Mike Murphy of Bellaterra Ranch in Franklin TN, has taken the guesswork out of pairing cigars and wine by offering a stable of cigars specifically blended to go with red wines.

For over 3 years, Mike and a blending focus group worked to find the perfect cigar blend. They compared Bellaterra’s unique blends against several leading blends from other companies. Finally, they were able to understand and produce cigars that compliment red wine and they have introduced these blends to the public under the Bellaterra label.

This week’s podcast will feature both Bellaterra cigars and wine as I match the new release Black & Tan cigar and pair it with the 2008 Bellaterra Syrah.

FEATURED LIBATION: Bellaterra 2008 Syrah
From the Bellaterra website… “This wine was matured in 100% New French oak. On the palate you’ll enjoy blackberry, blueberry, some raspberry jam, mocha, cocoa, tobacco, and a hint of spice; its full bodied and mouth filling yet has a gentle, caring feel to it. This wine should evolve effortlessly for 8-10 years.”

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CroMagnon EMH

Today’s postscript review is on the CroMagnon EMH, which I first featured on the Stogie Fresh 5 podcast in Episode 257 on Sunday, January 30, 2011. They have now been resting for 1 year, 6-months in my humidor and I smoked my last two samples for this review.

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Episode 320 Doc’s 6th Central Coast Herf


DESCRIPTION: Each summer I invite a group of friends to join me at an annual event that has come to be known as Doc’s Central Coast Herf. It started 6 years ago with just 6 people and has grown to a group of cigar enthusiasts over 40 strong. Because I have the event at my home, I keep it an invitation only herf with a maximum capacity of around 40 or so people.

People at Herf

Though small, this event is huge in its impact on the cigar community here on the Central Coast. This year, 17 cigar providers contributed over 750 cigars for the attendees. We also had over 3 cases of wine contributed and gave away a total of 62 raffle gifts, with at least one gift going to each attendee.

Friday started with our annual goodie bag stuffing party, as 16 people helped to clean up, stuff bags, organize raffle items and assorted other tasks in preparation for Saturday. The main event on Saturday started at 11:00 am and didn’t stop. That’s right, though 40 people started the day, 6 of us die-hards, or should I say blow hards, stayed up all night… herfing all the way.

Cigar Rolling at Herf

As a show of appreciation to our herf sponsors, a core group of 15 of the herf attendees who have Twitter accounts launched 275 Tweets during the course of this shindig, which started on Friday night and ended on Sunday midday.

The event ended officially on Sunday after our annual breakfast and another year went into the books as a hugely successful herf.

• 16 people attended the Friday night pre-herf herf
• Approximately 40 people attended on Saturday
• 11 people stayed for the breakfast on Sunday
• 31 goodie bags distributed
• 17 cigar providers contributed approximately 755 cigars
• 3 cases of wine donated for drinking during herf
• Attendees brought over 2 cases each of water, coke and diet coke
• Attendees brought approximately 3 cases of beer
• We drank 2.5 pony kegs of beer from the tap
• 62 raffle items
• About 15 core people with Twitter accounts generated 275 Tweets from Friday through Tuesday

Doc with raffle winners wearing Drew Estate visors

Lou Rodriguez Connecticut Lancero
Lou Rodriguez Reserva Lancero
Lou Rodriguez 2010 Torpedo
Nestor Miranda Special Selection Buckhead Edition Torp
Hoyo de Monterrey Reposado en Cedros
Undercrown Corona Doble
MUWAT Robusto
CAO Osa Sol Robusto
Joya de Nicaragua Cabinetta Corona Gorda
San Lotano Connecticut Torpedo
San Lotano Habano
San Lotano Maduro Torpedo
Nomad Mavigator Torpedo
Regius Robusto
Chaveta Churchill
Chaveta Robusto
La Gloria Cubana Rabito de Cochino
La Flor Dominicana Factory Press IV
Los Hermanos (House Brand by Casa Fernandez)
Inferno by Oliva
Vindicator by Oliva
Montecristo No. 2
Graycliff Chateau Gran Cru
Room 101 San Andres
Fatboy Cigars
Dignity Cigars

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2012 Cigar Safari Video

Episode 319 Drew Estate Cigar Safari Part 2


DESCRIPTION: Last week was part 1 of this special 2-part special episode of the 2012 Drew Estate Cigar Safari. In part 1, I talked about my most important lessons learned during the trip, which took me from Managua to the tobacco epicenter of Nicaragua, Estelí. I also revealed some basic facts about Nicaragua… important facts like the most popular beer, rum and food (LOL). I also talked about the people behind the Drew Estate brand including, Jonathan Drew, Steve Saka, among others.

Doc and Jonathan Drew

This week in part 2, I will be speaking the key events that transpired during the trip, like our tours of the Joya de Nicaragua and Drew Estate factories. I will also give you a rundown of the cigars I tried during the trip and the two different cigar blending seminars.

Finally, I will have an interview with Brian Berman of the Cigar Rights of America organization. Brian was part of the tour group and I sat down and chatted with him on the last night of our tour. We not only talked about the highlights of the trip, but also what would happen to our simple cigar pleasures if the anti-tobacco lobby and legislation has its way. All that coming your way today in Part 2 of Cigar Safari 2012.

Cigar Tasting Seminar: a cigar with 5 different wrappers

• This weekend will be Doc’s 6th Annual Central Coast Herf. Coverage of this event on my next podcast.

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Episode 318 Drew Estate Cigar Safari 2012 Part 1


DESCRIPTION: About 15 new media cigar publishers (i.e., bloggers, podcasters, videocasters, etc.) were invited to experience the ‘rebirth of cigars’ in the form of the Drew Estate “Cigar Safari.”

Drew Estate Wall MuralCigar Safari is a 4-day excursion to Nicaragua and to the colonial style Drew Estate factory and residence. Along the way, we would learn about the unique aspects of the company’s philosophy of making cigars, their approach to cigar culture and branding and we would get a hand’s on experience of the art of cigar blending.

My purpose was to chronicle my cigar tour experience. An adventure, which would take me to Estelí, Nicaragua and a chance to visit one of the hottest cigar companies in the world: Drew Estate.

This week’s podcast will unearth a behind the scenes look at a world-class cigar operation and the people that make it tick.

New Media Tour Group

• Update on Crush & Roll West 2012
• Special Cigar Tours to Camp Camacho in Honduras and Cigar Tour to Dominican Republic will be part of a raffle and auction promotions at Crush & Roll West

Steve Saka examines tobacco

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