Episode 339 2012 NYC Tour Pt. 1


DESCRIPTION: This year I was apprehensive about my trip to the Big Apple, as it came after the devastation wrought by hurricane Sandy. Indeed, the conversation among many downtown New Yorkers and New Jerseyites centered around the hurricane, which was responsible for yet untold and un-totalled damage.

New York City Street at night

The city streets pulse with energy

I heard many stories of persons who were displaced by Sandy and saw firsthand some of the damage done by the storm in uptown New York. What I expected to see was a city with it’s head down and tail tucked between its legs, but what I encountered was something different. You see, New Yorker’s have been there and done that. They are no strangers to natural and unnatural disasters. They have the determination, spirit and purpose of a fighter that has been knocked down and yet has answered the bell for the next round and come out of his corner swinging. The attitude of almost everyone I talked to was, “It is what it is, so let’s get on with it.” They are back in the fight and ready to get back into their homes and buildings and to get ON with their lives.

Today, I will talk about my recent sojourn to the big apple and will share stories of my adventures in the city as well as my attempts as a cigar man to find the best places to score a great smoke and fire one up.

View of Central Park from Rockefeller Center

View of Central Park from Rockerfeller Center

Doc taking a photo from the top of Rockefeller Center

Doc taking a photo from the top of Rockefeller Center

1. Getting There
2. Finding New York’s best Pizza
3. Exploring the city: Rockefeller Center
4. Interview with Ron Melendi, General Manager at De La Concha


Doc interviewing Ron Melendi at De La Concha

Doc interviewing Ron Melendi at De La Concha

Interior view of De La Concha

Interior view of De La Concha

Rockefeller Center
Pizza Villagio Cafe (Awesome $2 per slice pizza)
De La Concha
1390 Avenue of the Americas (btwn 56th & 57th)
Toll free: 888 CIGAR 04

Episode 338 CAO Concert Solo (Robusto)


DESCRIPTION: The CAO Concert was released during the summer of 2012 and from the outset it was launched to highlight the brand’s musical roots. CAO’s Rick Rodriguez created the blend, which features a special combination of four different Nicaraguan and Honduran fillers tobaccos not previously used in any other General Cigar offering. The cigar is bound in a US Connecticut Broadleaf and then wrapped with an Ecuadorian Habano Rosado.

CAO Concert Robusto

True to CAO’s tradition of exciting and unexpected packaging, CAO Concert is presented in an innovative box inspired by a classic Marshall amplifier and has a cigar band that is styled in the shape of a guitar pick and dual Fender-style guitars.

This week’s featured Concert is the Solo, a 5 ½-inch by 50 ring gauge Robusto.

CAO Concert Robusto

FEATURED LIBATION: Breaking & Entering Bourbon
St. George Spirits is located in ALAMEDA, California and was founded 30 years ago in 1982. This company has been handcrafting their spirits using old school artisanal methods, like working with copper pot stills.

They make a wide array of spirits including tequila, liqueurs, gin, vodka, single malt and absinthe. Today’s featured spirit is yet another in the St. George portfolio and its called, Breaking & Entering Bourbon.

• No podcast next week
• Jonathan Drew and his use of Social Media
• Meeting with Mike Hiebner of Manrock Brewing Company

El Original Maduro Corona

DOC’S CIGAR POSTSCRIPT: El Original Maduro Corona
This week’s postscript review features the El Original Maduro Corona, which I first featured on the Stogie Fresh 5 podcast back in Episode 277 on Sunday, June 26, 2011. These cigars have been resting a total of 1 year, 5.5 months in my humidor and I pulled out my last two samples this week for this postscript review.

Concert Cigars by CAO
Breaking & Entering Bourbon
Manrock Brewing Company
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Episode 337 La Aurora Cameroon


DESCRIPTION: The Cameroon is the result of the dedication and excellence of more than a century of tradition. Expert artisans, who use tobaccos harvested in the plantations of the El Cibao Valley, make these cigars, which have been carefully blended in Santiago, Dominican Republic.

La Aurora Cameroon

The Cameroon was re-blended in 2011 with the palate of today’s smoker in mind. This slightly stronger version is intended only for Brick & Mortar establishments.

This week’s Cameroon by La Aurora was purchased at a local cigar event on the advice of none other than Guillermo León himself. Guillermo told me that they re-blended the Cameroon to be a bit fuller in flavor and body than their traditional offering. So, I purchased a box and today’s review will feature the 5-inch by 50 ring gauge Robusto.

La Aurora Cameroon Robusto

FEATURED LIBATION: Sumatra Gayo Linge Organic Fair Trade coffee
Sumatran coffees are highly sought after around the world. Sumatra is the largest producer of Indonesian coffee. Arabica coffee is grown by small growers in the highlands, while Robusta coffee is found in the lowlands. Some Arabica coffee, like our featured coffee of today, is typically processed using the wet hulling technique, which gives it a heavy body and low acidity.

• Doc discusses the new upgrade (version 1.6.2) of the Stogie Rate cigar inventory app for iPhone.
• Doc provides a brief update on photography and a meeting with a friend and their discussions.
• REMINDER: No podcast in 2 weeks: Doc takes a trip to New York.
• Doc shares some random thoughts about aging cigars.

Zino Platinum Z-Class Pyramid

DOC’S CIGAR POSTSCRIPT: Zino Z-class Pyramid
This postscript review will feature the Zino Z Class Pyramid, which I first reviewed in Episode 276 of the Stogie Fresh 5 podcast back on Sunday, June 19, 2011. These cigars have now been resting in the singles drawer of my Aristocrat M+ cabinet humidor for 1 year, 5.5 months and I pulled out a couple of samples this past week for this review.

La Aurora Cameroon Cigars
The Captain’s Coffee
Stogie Fresh Article: Long Term Aging of Cigars
Stogie Fresh Article: Cigar Aging Advice
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