Episode 443: Liga Privada Unico Serie Papas Fritas


BACKGROUND: In 2012, Papas Fritas was added to the Unico Serie line, Drew Estate’s limited small batch portfolio that includes such legendary cigars as the Dirty Rat, Ratzilla, L40, and others.

The idea for Papas Fritas revolved around the leftover tobacco clippings from Drew Estate’s Liga Privada line. The company kept these cuttings and used them as short filler inside the petite Papas Fritas cigar.


In Spanish, Papas Fritas means, “French Fries,” which is perhaps not only a reference to their size, but also to the fact that, like French fries, they can satisfy your need for something good in a small package.

Wrapped with a Connecticut Broadleaf maduro wrapper, the blend is bound in a Brazilian Mata Fina binder, which conceals Honduran and Nicaraguan short-fillers from the Liga Privada No. 9.

FEATURED LIBATION: Firestone 2015 Sucaba Barley Wine
Sucaba is a barrel aged English Barley wine. This is one of Firestone’s Proprietor’s Reserve Series. This ale weighs in at 13.5% ABV and registers 42 on the IBU scale. The Firestone website describes this as a sipping beer best served in a Brandy snifter.



  • Doc recounts his experience attending a gun show and tasting wines in Paso Robles.

SPECIAL SEGMENT: Talk with the Boss Lady with Christina Fontecchio, CMT
Christina interviews Brandon Shepard of Daou Vineyard and Winery

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Firestone 2015 Sucaba Barley Wine
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Episode 442: Hr by Hirochi Robaina and Chimay Grande Reserve 2012


BACKGROUND: The cigar named “HR by Hirochi Robaina,” was brought forth by a collaborative effort between Robaina and Omar Gonzalez Alemán the master blender at Cubanacan Cigars in Nicaragua. González was a friend to the Robaina family, including both Hirochi and his grandfather, the late Don Alejandro. According to Robaina, “This [new cigar] is very close to a Cuban cigar. I’m very happy.”

Today, I will be featuring the 6-inch by 52 ring gauge Hr Habano Maduro Toro.
Hr-Chimay-GR-2012-4 Hr-Chimay-GR-2012-3

FEATURED LIBATION: Chimay Grande Reserve 2012
This is a Belgian Strong Dark Trappist Ale. Basically, its blend is the same recipe as the Chimay Blue except for the fact that it has been aged and the ABV is 10% vs. the 9% of the Chimay Blue. This is a limited production ale.



  • Doc provides an update on Crush & Roll West 2015
  • Doc talks about what he’s doing over the weekend

Chimay Beer

Episode 441: Padrón Family Reserve No. 45


BACKGROUND: In 2009, after reaching 45 years in business, the Padrón family released the Padrón Family Reserve No. 45, a box-pressed cigar made from very old Nicaraguan tobaccos.


The cigars are made in very limited quantities, and shipped at various times throughout the year. The Family Reserve line is an extension of the 1926 Series, but the tobacco inside has been aged for 10 years. Today I will feature the 6-inch by 52 ring gauge Padron Family Reserve No. 45 Toro.


FEATURED LIBATION: Barrelhouse Celebratory Ale
Celebratory Ale No. 2 is a Belgian Dark Strong ale. 100% of this ale was aged for nearly a year in Port Barrels from Roxo Port Cellars winery. There were only 1500 22-ounce bottles and a handful of kegs made. The beer weighs in at 9.8%ABV and just 9 IBUs. Mathew told me there was very little hops used in the beer and he fermented the beer using a Belgian yeast.

SPECIAL INTERVIEWS: Peripatetic Cigar Club meeting at Barrelhouse Brewery

Padrón Cigars
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Episode 440: Cohiba Nicaragua


BACKGROUND: The Dominican Cohiba, which is owned an operated by a different company than the Cuban version, has built its own impressive portfolio over the years and continues to show innovations. They recently expanded their horizons and for the first time have a cigar that was blended and handcrafted entirely in Nicaragua. This feat was accomplished with the release of the Cohiba Nicaragua.


The showpiece of the cigar is the wrapper, a Sun Grown Colorado Oscuro from Honduras. The blend includes Nicaraguan long-fillers from Jalapa and Esteli bound together inside a Nicaraguan binder also from Jalapa.

The Cohiba Nicaragua comes in 4 sizes and the one I’m featuring today is the 5-inch by 50 ring gauge Robusto.

FEATURED LIBATION: Raging Bitch IPA from Flying Dog Brewery
Raging Bitch IPA is made by Flying Dog Brewery in Frederick, MD. It weighs in at 8.3% ABV, the IBU, which is a measurement of bitterness, is 60.



Cigar News

  • Davidoff to Release Regional Cigars called “Exclusives”
  • Davidoff Acquires Land in Nicaragua and Honduras
  • Davidoff to Open it’s largest ever flagship store in Tampa Florida
  • Drew Estate Contributes to Smoke Inn’s Microblend Series
  • La Aurora Announces the opening of La Aurora Cigar World
  • La Aurora Releases 111th Anniversary Cigar
  • Crush & Roll West 2015 Early Bird Tickets Are Now On Sale

Cohiba Nicaragua
Raging Bitch IPA from Flying Dog Brewery
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Episode 439: Room 101 Uncle Lee


BACKGROUND: As the name suggests, Uncle Lee is a tribute to Matt Booth’s uncle, the man who introduced him to cigars. The Uncle Lee is made with an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper, Nicaraguan Corojo binder and Honduran Corojo and Dominican Piloto Cubano fillers. Pricing is set at $10 per cigar and the cigars are packaged in boxes of 10. The cigars are produced in Danlí, Honduras at the same factory responsible for producing all Room 101 cigars to date.


The Uncle Lee was officially introduced at the annual Christmas party at Stogie’s in Houston, with a wider distribution launch set for February. Initial production was set at 50,000 cigars, however it is still unclear how widely the Uncle Lee will be distributed.

The cigars come in just one size, and that’s the one I’m reviewing today; the 6.5 inch x 50 ring gauge Perfecto.

FEATURED LIBATION: Knob Creek Single Barrel Reserve Bourbon
This week’s featured libation is a regular favorite of mine. Knob Creek Single Barrel Reserve was brought into the portfolio in 2011. It is a big, unadulterated monstrous bomb of a bourbon. And yet, is smooth and complex.

Notably, it’s bottled at a 120 proof, so it is a monster and definitely worthy of your respect. I have tried this bourbon straight and it is just a bit too much for my palate, so I will be taking mine today with a few ice cubes.

Doc reveals his ‘Sweet Spot Bourbon’ list.

SPECIAL SEGMENT: Question/Answer about Retrohaling

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Knob Creek Single Barrel Reserve Bourbon