Episode 452: Doc’s 9th Annual Central Coast Herf


BACKGROUND: For the past 9 years I have hosted a party at my home during late May to early June. This informal gathering, which saw just 6 attendees during the first year, is now limited to 50 attendees and has a wait list for future events.

This event has evolved into what is now called: Doc’s Central Coast Herf. The Herf is invitation-only and has regulars from around the state and the nation. From morning to night, over the course of three days, guests are treated to great cigars, great food and great libations.

There were 25 sponsors this year, ranging from cigar companies and retail shops, to wineries, breweries, accessory makers and more. A total of 890 cigars were donated to the event, along with 318 raffle prizes.

This week’s show will take you vicariously back to Herf weekend to enjoy the sights and sounds that made this year’s event such a success. Over the course of the next hour, you will gain the general flavor of the herf by hearing a number of interviews and listening in on the fun.

Click here to see all photos at the 2015 Herf Photo Slideshow

AJ Fernandez
Alec Bradley Cigar Co
Punch Signature
Dignity Cigars
Drew Estate
Ventura Cigar Company
Nomad Cigar Company
Cubanacan Cigars
Fox Cigar Bar: Gilbert, AZ Caldwell Cigar Co.
Michael Rose Cellars
Barrelhouse Brewing
Roxo Port Cellars
Kelsey See Canyon Vineyards Daou Winery
Media Fiasco Podcat Kick Ass Cigar Tools Cigars of Habanos
The Boss Cigars
Stogie Fresh