Episode 468: Foxtoberfest 2015


BACKGROUND: Foxtoberfest is a yearly event put on by Fox Cigar Bar and Lounge with locations in Scottsdale and Gilbert, Arizona. I was in a group of 11 Californians who set out from the California Central Coast to invade the unsuspecting clientele and staff of Fox Cigars. Our mission was to find the absolute best cigars and libations…and we were not disappointed.


This week, I recount the highlights of our trip and, with the help of some of my cohorts, will give you a glimpse into the inner-sanctum of a Team Stogie Fresh road trip.

SEGMENT ONE: Interview with Christina Fontecchio

SEGMENT TWO: Interview with Angel and Bily, Part 1


NFL FOOTBALL: Doc talks about attending the Arizona Cardinals vs Baltimore Ravens game in Arizona.

SEGMENT THREE: Interview with Angel and Bily, Part 2

Fox Cigar Bar
ShamLux Cigar Lounge
Cigar King
Ambassador Fine Cigars
Sportsman’s Warehouse
AZ Firearms