Episode 307: Quintero y Hermano Londres Extra


DESCRIPTION: It has been said that Quintero cigars have a completely unique flavor profile among Cuban cigars. That profile has been described as a combination of strong earthiness and grassy flavor that creates a countryside feel and aroma of the native Cuban soil. It is also said that Quintero’s smooth, medium bodied taste makes it ideal for those seeking to experience the taste of Habanos at an affordable price.

Quintero y Hermano Londres Extra

Up until 2002, these cigars were all machine-made, but according to Habanos S. A., they are currently totally hand made using short filler tobacco.

This week’s featured Habano is the 4.9-inch by 40 ring gauge Quintero Londres Extra.

FEATURED LIBATION: Costa Rican/Bolivian blend coffee
This is a blend of two previous coffees. I used 1/2 pound of Bolivian Beneficio Buenaventura and 1/4 pound of the Costa Rican Los Nacientes.

The Los Nacientes comes from the Aguacatein mountains in Costa Rica from a family-owned plantation in the highlands of the Alajuela province. Beneficio Buenaventura Lot 45 is grown in the Caranavi growing region of Bolivia.

• No podcast next week: My son’s wedding and I’ll be out of town
• Upcoming Stogie Fresh tour to Honduras and Camacho
• Different brews for same coffee

Nestor Miranda Art Deco Robust

DOC’S CIGAR POSTSCRIPT: Nestor Miranda Art Deco
This week my postscript review is on the Nestor Miranda Art Deco, which I first featured on the SF5 podcast in Episode 245 on Sunday, October 31, 2010. These stogies have now been resting in my humidor for 1 year, 5.1 months and I pulled out my last samples of this batch this past week for this second and final review.

Quintero y Hermano
Costa Rica Los Nacientes and Bolivian Beneficio Buenaventura Lot 45
Article: Long Term Aging of Cigars
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