Episode 319 Drew Estate Cigar Safari Part 2


DESCRIPTION: Last week was part 1 of this special 2-part special episode of the 2012 Drew Estate Cigar Safari. In part 1, I talked about my most important lessons learned during the trip, which took me from Managua to the tobacco epicenter of Nicaragua, Estelí. I also revealed some basic facts about Nicaragua… important facts like the most popular beer, rum and food (LOL). I also talked about the people behind the Drew Estate brand including, Jonathan Drew, Steve Saka, among others.

Doc and Jonathan Drew

This week in part 2, I will be speaking the key events that transpired during the trip, like our tours of the Joya de Nicaragua and Drew Estate factories. I will also give you a rundown of the cigars I tried during the trip and the two different cigar blending seminars.

Finally, I will have an interview with Brian Berman of the Cigar Rights of America organization. Brian was part of the tour group and I sat down and chatted with him on the last night of our tour. We not only talked about the highlights of the trip, but also what would happen to our simple cigar pleasures if the anti-tobacco lobby and legislation has its way. All that coming your way today in Part 2 of Cigar Safari 2012.

Cigar Tasting Seminar: a cigar with 5 different wrappers

• This weekend will be Doc’s 6th Annual Central Coast Herf. Coverage of this event on my next podcast.

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