Episode 331 Crush & Roll West 2012


DESCRIPTION: This past weekend, over 750 people walked through the gates at the fourth annual Crush & Roll West. This 2-day event saw 18 cigar brands represented, over 20 wine and beer booths and three spirits vendors, led by one of our major sponsors Manguin No. 1 Absinthe.

Crush & Roll West 2012Crush & Roll West 2012

Besides cigars and libations, there were a host of lifestyle vendors exhibiting everything from t-shirts and hats to spices, tattoos, cigar art and wine barrel furniture.

Cigar Rights of America was on hand to speak to everyone about preserving our freedom to smoke, while our friends at The Cigar Station were streaming the tunes and playing interviews throughout Saturday.

As always, the educational seminars rocked the scene with Cigar Man Andy doing his classic Cigar 101 and with myself and Dr. Bill Sysak teaming up for talks on a variety of subjects ranging from cigar wine pairing, cigar beer pairing and advanced topics in cigar smoking.

Crush & Roll West 2012

Crush & Roll West 2012

Our second annual poker tournament had all the drama of a big time sporting event as a newcomer to the tourney, sneaked the big win from last year’s champion setting up what I predict will become one of the great rivalries at future events.

Also this year, in what became one of the classic moments of the Crush & Roll, Jeff from Roxo Port Cellars and Rustle from Arroyo Robles Winery demonstrated a wine crush and actually crushed enough grapes to produce what will become in 2 years our next Crush & Roll West vintage port.

In short, this year’s event was bigger and better than ever and this week’s show will be a recap of the events.

Crush & Roll West 2012

Crush & Roll West 2012