Episode 355 Ashton ESG 23-year Salute


BACKGROUND: The ESG series was launched in 2007 to celebrate twenty consecutive years of business for the Ashton brand. This special edition cigar is blended and manufactured by Carlos Fuente Jr. in the Dominican Republic and was intended to be released in a new size every year for five consecutive years.

The Aston ESG uses a unique Dominican wrapper grown on the Chateau de la Fuente farm in the Dominican Republic. This wrapper has never been used on any other cigar.

This week’s featured cigar is the 6.2-inch by 52 ring ESG 23-Year Salute Toro.

Ashton ESG 23-year Salute

Ashton ESG 23-year Salute

FEATURED LIBATION: Ron Zacapa Centenario 23
Zacapa is produced in Guatemala. They grow the sugar cane in Guatemala, which is ideally suited for sugar cane production.For aging, Zacapa uses a unique method called: Sistema Solera, which was first developed more than 500 years ago in Spain for the aging of sherries. The rum is laid to rest in selected barrels that have previously aged American whiskeys, Spanish sherries and Pedro Ximenez wines. And, in the case of XO, the final stage of aging occurs in French oak cognac barrels.

Ron Zacapa 23 is not all 23-year aged rum. It is a blend of rums with the oldest rums being 23 years, but the rums can be between 6 years and 23 years. The master blender chooses a ratio based on trying to match the consistency of the rum from year to year.

• No podcast next week: Doc heads to Honduras and a tour of Camacho
• Pete Johnson, of the Tatuaje cigar brand, started a new company in 2012. The company is called L’Atelier Import
• CAO Brazilia Carnivale
• Doc provides his opinion on “blind” reviewing of cigars

Iron Horse Churchill

Iron Horse Churchill

This postscript review is on the Iron Horse from Famous Smoke Shop in Easton, Pennsylvania. I first featured the Iron Horse in Episode 302 back on Sunday January 15, 2012. These cigars have been resting in my humidor for a total of 1 year, 3 months and 4 days and I pulled out two more samples last week for this review.

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