Undercrown by Drew Estate


DESCRIPTION: The Undercrown blend was originally created by the torcedores of Drew Estate that roll the Liga Privada cigars. As the story goes, they had gotten fond of rolling and smoking Liga Privada’s and the management asked them to stop because they were smoking too many. So, they created their own “liga privada” for themselves to smoke. They used many of the same tobaccos that are used in the Liga Privada, but not the exact same leaves.

Undercrown by Drew Estate

The wrapper is a unique strain of Mexican San Andreas Negro seed whose harvest is intentionally delayed by 4+ weeks to allow for additional field and sun time resulting in a higher natural sugar content and a richer, creamier flavor. “Otapan” is the name of the farm on which the wrapper is grown. The leaf priming is referred to as, “Último Corte,” which translates to “last cut”; a reference to its delayed harvesting.

The cigars come in unfinished boxes of 25 cigars, and in five sizes: This week’s featured stogie is the 6-inch by 52 ring gauge Gran Toro.

Undercrown by Drew Estate in action

FEATURED LIBATION: Karoma Estate coffee from Gevalia Kaffé Co.
Karoma Estate Coffee is produced in Las Lagunas on the northern side of the Central Dominican Mountains (La Cordillera Central). Karoma Estate was the first Dominican Estate Coffee produced. Estate coffees are those that use beans only from one farm. Estate grown beans preserve the distinctive elements of the soil and the climate in which the beans were grown.

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Arturo Fuente Hemingway Signature Maduro

DOC’S CIGAR POSTSCRIPT: Fuente Hemingway Maduro
This week I’ll be revisiting the Arturo Fuente Hemingway Maduro Signature, which has been aging in my humidor for a year and 6 months. I first featured the Hemingway Maduro in Episode 237 on Sunday, September 5, 2010. This is my second and final review.

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  1. Thanks for sharing the info about the FDA. Went to the http://cigarrights.org/ site and became a member and signed the petition! I just couldn’t believe that some people would want to ruin the cigar industry.

    • Thanks for your support Al, much appreciated. I wish everyone could see the logic of participating in the CRA, as you do. Keep up the good fight.

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