Episode 389 Fuente Añejo Shark


BACKGROUND: Añejo, which means, “aged,” or “refined” in Spanish, was originally released in June 2000 (in a very small batch), and then again in December 2000.


Añejos have a blend of Opus X, Don Carlos, and Hemingway filler tobaccos, with a US/Connecticut broadleaf maduro wrapper that is cured in cognac barrels for 6-8 months after it’s been aged.

eagle_rare_sbThe names of the various Añejo vitolas, like the “No.46,” “No.48,” and “No.49,” etc., are derived from the ring gauge of the cigar in question, With one exception: the “No. 77 Shark”.

The “No.77” designation for the Shark comes not from the ring gauge of this cigar, as it does for the other cigars, but rather from a more amusing reason altogether. Carlito Fuente took his kids to Sea World in Orlando, FL, and while there noticed that some of the sharks in the tank had two pectoral fins, which looked sort of like two 7’s. Hence the name, 77 Shark.

Our featured cigar of this week, the 5 7/8-inch by 64 ring gauge No. 77 Shark.

FEATURED LIBATION: Eagle Rare 10-year Single Barrel Bourbon
Eagle Rare Single Barrel Bourbon Whiskey is aged for no less than ten years in oak barrels and each batch of the bourbon is made from the contents of just one barrel, which is selected based on its distinctive character. Single barrel bourbons offer more consistent flavors and exhibit an individual personality that is unique to each barrel.


  • Doc answers questions about plugged cigar and tar buildup.
  • How and why tobacco fermentation continues inside your humidor
  • My process of learning more about wine


DOC’S CIGAR POSTSCRIPT: Padrón Family Reserve No. 85 Maduro
This review features the Padron Family Reserve No. 85. I first visited this cigar in Episode 342 back on Sunday, December 17, 2012. These cigars have been resting a total of 1 year, 2 months and 3 days and I pulled out my last samples for this review.

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