Episode 397 The Herf


BACKGROUND: What is a Herf? Well, you’ve probably heard me mention it enough times, but do you really know what it is and what is done at typical herfs?

Cigar Talk: Conversations of the Herf. Book by Terry Simpson

Cigar Talk: Conversations of the Herf. Book by Terry Simpson

Is a herf big or small? Does everybody smoke the same cigars or do you smoke different ones? What do you talk about at a herf? What do you eat? What do you drink?

A friend of mine, Dr. Terry Simpson, wrote a book about what goes on at a herf. In his book: Cigar Talk: Conversations of the Herf, he takes the reader inside the mystical, magical and congenial world of the “Herf.”

Doc Simpson defines a “herf” as simply, “…a gathering of cigar smokers to smoke cigars.” By extension, “herfing” describes the camaraderie and good cheer that accompanies a gathering of like-minded men and/or women who enjoy smoking premium hand made cigars.


In today’s cigarcast, you will listen in as Christina leads the conversations that we had with a few friends at a recent impromptu herf. During our recordings, we shared our thoughts about the cigars and libations that we had and we will talk about the different aspects of a typical, and non-typical, herf.

SPECIAL SEGMENTS: Interviews with Steve, Christina, Bil, Angel and Doc at a recent impromptu herf.

Book by Dr. Terry Simpson, Cigar Talk: Conversations of the Herf
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