Episode 413 Davidoff Limited Art Edition 2014 Perfecto


BACKGROUND: Today I will be featuring the Davidoff Limited Art Edition Cigar – The innovative tobacco creation begins with the popular Perfecto format. The beautiful Yamasá wrapper gives the cigar a unique color, an oily appearance and intense aromas. The binder is from the Dominican Republic and the filler is a very complex arrangement of tobaccos including leaves from various parts of the tobacco plant. Dominican Piloto Cubano Viso and San Vicente Viso are both from the upper third of the plant and the Dominican Piloto Cubano Seco and San Vicente Seco are both from the lower third of the plant. Using different tobacco varietals and using them from different parts of the tobacco plant, provide the nucleus of a complex cigar blend.

This week’s featured cigar is the 5.9 inches x 54 ring gauge Art Edition Perfecto.

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FEATURED LIBATION: Glenfarclas 25-year Highland Single Malt Scotch
The Glenfarclas 25-year whisky has spent a tremendous amount of time in contact with the barrels in which it was aged. The longer the time in the barrel, the greater the influence of the barrel will be found in the whisky. This whisky is bottled at 43% ABV.


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DOC’S CIGAR POSTSCRIPT: Gurkha 125th Anniversary Robusto
This review features the Gurkha 125th Anniversary Robusto. I first featured this cigar on the Stogie Fresh 5 podcast back in Episode 352 on March 3, 2013. These cigars now have a total resting time in my humidor of 1 year, 6 months and 26 days.

REGULAR SEGMENT: Talk with the Boss Lady with Christina Fontecchio

Davidoff Cigars
Glenfarclas Scotch
Latest cigar news article: Cigar News July 2014
Stogie Fresh Tv video: Don Vicente Cigars International

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