Episode 411 The Big Payback by Room 101 Cigars


SPECIAL EPISODE: The location of this week’s herf took place earlier at the Barrelhouse Brewing Company tasting room in Templeton, California. This was a meeting of the “Peripatetic Cigar Club” which seeks to pair a cigar and beer at local breweries. And, to put an exclamation point on the party, Matthew Jacobs, a brewmaster at Barrelhouse, rolled out a very special beer called, Bacchus.

The Big Payback was our featured cigar of the week. This cigar is for all those who have made the Room101 Brand a success in myriad dimensions. This week’s featured Big Payback is the Chavala, 5-inch by 50 ring gauge Robusto. This week’s cigarcast is: The Big Payback at Barrelhouse Brewing.

The Big Payback

FEATURED LIBATION: Bacchus by Barrelhouse Brewing Co.


  • Steve from Purgatory Humidors who started the Peripatetic Cigar Club that meets at different breweries
  • Matthew Jacobs who made the special beer for this club event
  • Jason and Ken: Jason is one of the owners of Barrelhouse Brewing and Ken is one of the guys who helped start the Peripatetic Cigar Club.

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Barrelhouse Brewing

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Episode 408 Doc’s Central Coast Herf 8


BACKGROUND: It all started in 2007 with just 6 friends, some cigars, libations and food. From there is has become the most successful herf of its size anywhere. Doc’s Central Coast Herf is an annual affair that brings in consumers, retailers, reps, and brand owners from around the country. It’s an invitation-only event, not for exclusivity, but for practical reasons. There are only so many people we can host at my home.

Doc’s Central Coast Herf is now in its 8th year. This year’s herf set a record for the generosity of our sponsors. A total of 27 sponsors supplied 100+ raffle gifts and every attendee walked away with at least two of the great raffle prizes supplied by our generous sponsors.

Herfpic1 Herfpic2 Herfpic3


The food theme for this year’s herf was, Mexico. Herf attendees were treated to fine Mexican cuisine including home made tamales, beans, rice, two kinds of ceviche and flap steak burritos. During the herf, we consumed a total of 4 meals provided between Friday evening and Sunday at noon.

Attendees had the opportunity to swill some great libations provided by local wineries and breweries and there was even a tequila bar for Margaritas that cooled the 90+ degree summer temperatures.

But the big story for my cigar-loving friends was that 17 cigar providers contributed nearly 1,000 cigars to this year’s event. Every person was provided a goodie bag with 17-20 choice sticks. Today’s special podcast will take you for a ride with me as I reflect on Doc’s Central Coast Herf 8.


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Episode 397 The Herf


BACKGROUND: What is a Herf? Well, you’ve probably heard me mention it enough times, but do you really know what it is and what is done at typical herfs?

Cigar Talk: Conversations of the Herf. Book by Terry Simpson

Cigar Talk: Conversations of the Herf. Book by Terry Simpson

Is a herf big or small? Does everybody smoke the same cigars or do you smoke different ones? What do you talk about at a herf? What do you eat? What do you drink?

A friend of mine, Dr. Terry Simpson, wrote a book about what goes on at a herf. In his book: Cigar Talk: Conversations of the Herf, he takes the reader inside the mystical, magical and congenial world of the “Herf.”

Doc Simpson defines a “herf” as simply, “…a gathering of cigar smokers to smoke cigars.” By extension, “herfing” describes the camaraderie and good cheer that accompanies a gathering of like-minded men and/or women who enjoy smoking premium hand made cigars.


In today’s cigarcast, you will listen in as Christina leads the conversations that we had with a few friends at a recent impromptu herf. During our recordings, we shared our thoughts about the cigars and libations that we had and we will talk about the different aspects of a typical, and non-typical, herf.

SPECIAL SEGMENTS: Interviews with Steve, Christina, Bil, Angel and Doc at a recent impromptu herf.

Book by Dr. Terry Simpson, Cigar Talk: Conversations of the Herf
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