Episode 422: R&D Lab and Cigar by Tobacconist University


BACKGROUND: The Tobacconist University recently created what they call their Research & Development program, which seeks to create educational content and cutting edge products to teach and enlighten consumers and tobacconists. Their first product is the R&D Cigar, which is a Brazilian Corojo blended that was produced by Jesus Fuego of J. Fuego Cigars.


The Tobacconist University certifies the information about these cigars by declaring the date of creation, the production quantity and the ingredients or components found in the cigars. They also provide information regarding processing and manufacturing techniques and the agricultural environments in which the cigars are produced.


Besides the finished cigars, the Tobacconist University has created the R&D Lab experiment to go along with the R&D cigars. The Lab protocol allows the smoker to taste the cigar’s puro components. They have developed individual small premium cigars that are made from just one of the 5 different ingredients or components of the cigar. Since there are five tobacco types in the cigar, there are also five 3.5-inch cigarillos made from each of the different tobaccos used in the cigar.

This week I will be joined by Christina Fontecchio and together we will assess both the R&D Lab and the R&D cigar. We’ll let you know our process in smoking all the puro components and well as the finished cigar and we will provide you with our tasting notes and evaluation of the process.


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